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    Kelsey Cox, SWC

    My name is Kelsey Cox and I am a Social Work Candidate (SWC).

    I have three years of experience in the field and my expertise is related to grief, trauma-informed care, and the child welfare system. I enjoy supporting children, adolescents, young adults and their caregivers in growing their ability to cope with difficult life transitions, grief, challenging emotional experiences, and self-exploration. My passion is helping my clients navigate identity and as they continue to learn and grow, as well as working with them to encourage a deeper level of understanding of who they are at their core.

    Having the opportunity to work together in exploration and acceptance of one’s emotional experiences is a strong value of mine and I enjoy working side-by-side with clients in creating a therapeutic plan that best suits their needs. My goal is to provide a compassionate, non-judgmental space for all individuals I work with. The therapeutic process can be difficult, but having a supportive and comforting space can make it easier.

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